A n old legend about a powerful wizard that lived in the sky long long time ago, in the beginning of time. His name was Lenimar and he had always live with his twin brother Keskener. They were twins but they were very different because Lenimar was a being with a great knowledge of everything and he was always looking for the true everywhere it will be. He was very reserved too and he always wanted to do the right thing with his magic powers. His brother by the other hand was a dreamer. He was crazy and extroverted and he didn't care very much, about the great secrets of the universe, what he knew about the universe is that it was there and he could enjoy it.
Lenimar was always trying to make his brother more responsible with his acts, but his brother always laughed about it, and went to go to see the stars. Sometimes was Keskener who tried to show all the beautiful things of the universe to his brother, but he, always analyzing things couldn't see what his brother showed him.
They lived this way for a long time, looking the world each one with his own point of view and respecting the other ideas, but sure about the other ideas wasn't the correct ones.
But one day something terrible happened because a great comet arrived to the place where they lived and Keskener, captivated for it's beauty climbed the highest mountain in order to see it with all its splendor. And he felt so anxious that he climbed imprudently, without taking care about where his foots were , and only looking to the shining tail of the comet. And it was then when he unfortunately doing one of his crazy steps falled to a deep abysm, hitting his body with enormous stones and dragging him in to the abysm.
He scream desperately for help, that his brother hear in the distance. Lenimar run as fast as he could to the place where the scream came and he fear that something serious had happened.
When he arrived to the place where his brother screamed he saw him lying in the deep ravine and went down as fast as he could till he was by his side.
When he saw him, he saw terrible injuries and his eyes lost in the sky. Lenimar call him for his name, and he looked at his brother face while feeling his brother's hand taking his tenderly.
- Look to the sky brother, its the most beautiful thing that you've ever seen?.
And Lenimar held his head and looked to the point where his brother's was looking and saw the huge comet with his britetail covering all the space. Then, with tears in his eyes he looked back to his agonizing brother and replied:
- It's really beautiful Keskener.
- You were right Lenimar, my craziness and imprudence has been fatal for me and now I'll must pay the prize.
- No Keskener, it was me who lived blinded without looking all the beauty around me. You always saw what I was the one not able to see.
Lenimar noticed that his brother life was escaping and desesperately hold his hand hard. And he fell that death was taking control of Keskener he did a desperate act and using his magic powers he united their bodies becoming only one, and this way the two souls of the brothers shared the same injured body, but capable to recover.
When the body recovered completely the two brothers decided to leave that place and to travel all over the skies to know all the beauty that exists in it.
And once again Lenimar's magic powers worked again and change them in a beautiful comet, like the one they saw no to long ago and started soaring through the sky seeing all the universe's wonders.
Thousand of years past and the two brothers saw what nobody has ever seen and got to know what nobody even suspect than can exist until one day they arrived to a desert and desolated world. It was a sad place because nothing was there and they decided to leave it because nothing interesting was there.
But then Keskener noticed a little red spot in a big plain. They looked at it closer and saw that the spot was a beautiful red rose living in the middle of nothing. They went to see the rose closer and effectively they saw that was a real rose. And it wasn't a common rose because it was exuberant and full of life and of unique beauty's. Lenimar felt captivated for how it was tenaciously growing from the ground and how it tried to climb to the black sky. That rose had so many life inside of her like nothing he had ever seen before. Keskener fall in love with the rose because of her beauty and because each time he looked at her he felt like he was in a dream. It was definitely the most beautiful thing that he have ever seen. Even Much more than the comet that nearly killed him.
The two brothers decided to stay with the beautiful rose forever and then, going a little bit far from it Lenimar used his sorcery to change them in a shining star that filled all that world with light. And with his wisdom he heat the ground and evaporated the water, creating the clouds and the winds. And that winds took the clouds to all the corners of that world bringing back the water to the fields with the rain. And the rain that fall in on the planes created the seas and the oceans and the ones that falled in the mountains created the snow and the rivers.
Now that Lenimar had finally learned that we must also enjoy the world and not only analyze it and that it's nice too to have dreams, he created the rainbow just over the rose to show the rose how much love he felt for her.
And then Keskener asked his brother to become a lightning disc during the half time of a day to sweetly light the rose and to tell her all the nice things he felt for her. And now that he had learned the wisdom of his brother he created the waves because this way the ocean's waters will never stay still.
Many centuries later, life was born in this world and it was filled with plants and animals and many many years later Hogols appeared. And even now , the love that the two brothers feel about the rose is alive and every morning come up Lenimar to give us his light and heat, leaving later his place to Keskener that fills the world with his small light that make us dream and love.
And some people say that the nights we can't see Keskener in the sky it is because the two brothers are with the red rose, wherever she is,sharing in one body the love they feel for her.

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