But… What is a Hogol?

Hi! My name is Joan, but my friends all call me Hogol because I love Hogols, and whenever I can, I tell their story.
Hogols were mystical beings who inhabited this world a long time ago. They lived in a remote, far-away place that was peaceful and beautiful. Maybe that’s why they were friendly and caring, happy and ingenious, intuitive and generous.
If you were to meet a Hogol in passing, you probably wouldn’t recognize them, because they are identical to humans. The only difference is their eyes: their pupils have a darker-colored center with a lighter ring around it. Their eyes are green and brown, or grey and blue. Their eyes are truly beautiful, although perhaps their gaze is even more so, as it perfectly expresses their inner beauty. Today, there is nothing left of the world of the Hogols or their culture. Of all these good people, only one is left: the last Hogol, who came to our world so long ago that even he cannot remember when.
Now he lives among us and, thanks to him, we can learn about his wonderful world, its stories, and its music.
The last Hogol always says that a Hogol lives inside of each of us. It is that voice that we sometimes hear. That good person hiding deep inside our hearts who we hardly ever let out, for fear that it would get hurt. Maybe that’s why it’s easier to feel who Hogols are with our hearts, than to understand them with our minds.


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