I remember when i was a kid my mom used to say me that i had 'Acudits de 'bumberu'(Fireman ideas) (es decir) i always has strange ideas. I always tought that those ideas weren't really strange. They spontanously appeared from nowhere, so if an idea comes to you this way i don't think this can be called extravagant. The fact (?) is that during August 98', a few months after my visit to USA and just in the middle of my two last holydays weeks one of this ideas came to my mind.
It was friday afternoon and, as i told you before, i had already spent a week of my holydays. The next week didn't looks like exciting and i tought it was really frustating to spend it doing nothing amazing.
But then the idea came to me: to come back to USA!! The weather is pretty nice now and there still are places to see and Sherry to drink!. Sherry=Castiza? You get it! Ok, but this must be done well: she mustn't know it, it will be a surprise. I closed my eyes and i imagined the scene: Somebody knoks her door. She opens the door and meet with the last Hogol and his samll pack. No baggage, no suitcase, no silly things, just his camera.
It was irresistible... I leaved my home and runned to the travel agency in orther to buy the flight ticket. When i arrived i asked for a BCN-DC ticket and the come back too, of course...
- When i want to go? Tomorrow!
Here it was when my guard angel came to me because (contra todo pronostico) THERE WERE tickets on the next day flight to Washington, so i didn't think it twice and i bought the ticket.
The most difficult part was already done. I didn't have to be worried about to prepare the baggage because i didn't take it, i'd bought anything i'd needed there in the states....
- Shit!! I need bucks for my shopping!! Dollars, dollars, i need dollars!
Relaxxxxxxxxxxxx man, you are really close to the Rambles and then you can find many places to change currency.
- Ok i'm done, what is the next step??
Ah! i have to call to my parents, of course.
- Hello? no no... i can't come to lunch with you tomorrow. Why? Man, 'cause i will be in the states.
Yes, yes, all is control. They will be waiting for me in the airport (jejeje...) Bye!

Next aftenoon day Hogol arrives to America. It's the second time in a few months. He gets on a taxi that brings him to his friend home. When the cab is close to the house he asks to the Iranian taxi driver please stop the car, he pays and get off the taxi. He don't want to arrive in front to the house with the taxi: it can attract the atention and ruin the surprise.
I starts to walk along the road and (casualidades de la vida) he passes by the firemans' town headquarters. He stops his walk and thinks if his mother was right when she said him that he always had 'fireman ideas'. Then he smiles and thinks to himself that maybe they really are strange ideas but this dont means that they aren't good ideas.
The Castiza's face when we met and the fantastic week i spent in her home again were the confirmation.
And you know the Hogolic proverb... 'You have to be sensible enough to know when you must be crazy'